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For more than 25 years Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence from every product. Stunning accuracy, a spacious soundstage with pinpoint localisation, powerful, well-defined bass and thrilling dynamics are hallmarks of Paradigm’s advanced speaker designs.

For the benefit of our website viewers, we have just been on a personal tour of their factory in Toronto and were thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail. For example, Paradigm makes its own machines to ensure no less than 100% tolerance is achieved in manufacturing! We were also impressed with their in-house R&D department, and were able to follow a speaker being built right through to the final packing of the product for shipment. There’s a model to suit every budget and application! Go on your own factory tour at to choose what may be best for you... or better yet, visit your local Paradigm dealer to hear what all the fuss is about!

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Featured Products


Persona™ is a showcase of vanguard materials and Paradigm’s most advanced audio technologies, all entirely Crafted in Canada.

Millenia LP XL

Millenia LP XL can play louder and at lower frequencies to better blend with a sub. Millenia LP XL is high-end audio that’s discreet for its size and power—it sits a mere 1 – 3/4” from your wall!

CI Elite E80-A

The CI Elite™ Series is Crafted in Canada and has all the technology advantages and grille aesthetics of CI Pro™, plus oversized voice coils and X-PAL™ pure aluminum cone technology for the ultimate in sound performance.

Paradigm Speakers

If you’re passionate about quality sound, or if you use top-of-the-line music equipment, then you know that having the right set of speakers can make a big difference in overall sound, the control you have over different sound qualities, and the effectiveness of the sound equipment in a certain space. At Audio Active Australia, we carry only the best brands when it comes to audio equipment, and you can’t go wrong with Paradigm speakers when you need to add quality equipment to any setup.

Paradigm Floorstanding Speakers

Paradigm floorstanding speakers feature a multi-driver design, making it easier to enjoy low bass, and they also have a midrange and tweeter for a well-balanced sound. When you are looking for quality sound with a little more control over the output, then bookshelf speakers may not be the best fit. Owners of Paradigm floorstanding speakers get the quality sound they are looking for with greater control and range for a home theatre and/or other sound system.

Paradigm Bookshelf Speakers

Paradigm bookshelf speakers offer the listener the best in both sound and size. While these smaller speakers may be more subtle in your space, that doesn’t mean they compromise in quality. Perfectly suited for a bookshelf, table or other hidden space, Paradigm bookshelf speakers allow the listener an up-close experience. Whether you are adding components to your home entertainment centre or you want to bring out all the details in your next jam session, you will find the ideal products when you choose Paradigm.

Paradigm Speaker Stands & Wall Mounts

Using Paradigm Speaker stands & wall mounts is an excellent way to get the best performance from your home theatre equipment. Do you have a piece of equipment that could use a little extra support? Would you like to keep your speakers in place without worry that they will shift during use?

Paradigm Subwoofers

How low can you go? When you want to feel the rumble of the bass as you watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite music, having anything less than Paradigm subwoofers just won’t cut it. At Audio Active Australia, we believe having the highest-quality home theatre equipment is the only way to go when you want to hear every detail while your sound system is in use. With Paradigm subwoofers, you will never miss a beat, rumble, or growl during your home theatre listening experience.