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Founded by Dan Laufman, Emotiva was founded out of his passion for music and home theatre with the idea of bringing high-quality, high-end equipment directly to consumers.

Based in Franklin, Tennessee, United States, all Emotiva products are designed and engineered in the USA, and are manufactured in factories worldwide.

At Emotiva, we believe that you should never minimize the importance of audio to your home theater experience. That’s why we design and build our home theater equipment to deliver the same superb sound quality as our audiophile gear.

Our top of the line preamp/processors not only support all of the latest decoding and processing modes, but delivers them with audio quality that surpasses most high-end audiophile components.

The company’s line of products include amplifiers, preamplifiers, e-connects, Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), receivers, speakers, sources, accessories, powered monitors, and more.